Love notes

“The time I spent with Fern was unbelievably inspiring, warm and happy. Like a big hug and a dance party mixed into one feeling.”

Nosara, Costa Rica is the land where the earth holds you and the people inspire you. 

Fern is an earth angel inspiring others to live their most beautiful life and to care for the precious human body with so much love.

Nosara is love. My journey in Nosara was a journey back to myself.

Fern connected me up with all the divine and beautiful healers and encouraged me to take myself out on dates to cultivate and grow my self love. Being in the jungle, the earth becomes your teacher. It is a great place to learn about yourself and pick up some new tools along the way. 

I recommend this experience to everyone. If you want to elevate and level up your life, the journey with Nosara Wellness Guide is for you.”
— Kelli Alissa

Fern is the ultimate hostess. Her home is so beautiful and feels so naturally inviting. It is such a light filled, high vibrational space with plenty of natural daylight, crystals and soft accents. My room was so comfortable, spacious and private. It was my perfect escape from the matrix of NYC — everything was silent and we would take walks on the beach, do yoga, breathwork/meditation, drink plenty of fresh coconut water and green juice, have healthy meals, watch the sunset, read, laugh and be in bed by 9:00 pm. It was perfect and just what I needed to rejuvenate myself — my body and my mind. I can’t wait to go back. Nosara is the perfect escape from reality and Fern’s home is the best way to experience it.
If you’re coming to Nosara to fully immerse in the magical healing world, there is no other experience like this. I effortlessly adapted to the ‘Fern life’ by living here - my once fast paced city life turned seamlessly into practicing yoga every morning, running to the beach and eating karmically well.

My own healthy habits were transformed through the encouragement she offers. Fern’s deep expertise in wellness is brilliant.

My life is changed from spending time learning from Fern and understanding how practicing a spiritually in tune, jungle wellness focused life fosters healing and self actualization. My deepest gratitude to Fern for sharing her home and being an invaluable teacher to me.
— Isa Almy

If you are lucky enough to have Fern as your guide to Nosara then you are really in for a treat. Nosara is a mecca for healing and self care, and Fern is its high priestess! When you stay with Fern you are inviting magic into your life.

Located in the heart of Nosara and just a stones throw away from the beach, Casa Fern is an oasis of calm in the epi-centre of the “action”. Filled with natural light and cosy furnishings, the place is fully equipped with everything you could possibly need to cook nourishing meals. There is easy access to fresh organic produce at the weekly farmers market nearby, as well as a variety of healthy cafes and restaurants to choose from.

Whatever treatments or experiences you are seeking, Fern can guide you. From yoga to bodywork to personal training- Fern is tapped into an incredible network of high vibe souls and teachers who can support you along your path of self-discovery. For travellers on a budget there is also no shortage of options- from free community lead 6:30am beach boot camps, to breath-taking sunsets every night.

I feel so grateful for the transformational time I spent in Nosara, and to Fern for her generosity, guidance and continued friendship!
— Danielle Sheridan

Knowing how scary it can be to land in a new country and not know where to go or navigate the scene is one of the things that makes Fern such a gem. She created a wellness itinerary that highlighted all the healing I needed for post-partum. I was very satisfied and feel a new sense of peace and love for my life and my family.
— Anna Abilla

Somehow, Fern Olivia knows all the best healers in town and got me on all their calendars during my 4-day trip to Nosara. And she hooked me up with awesome accommodations at a gorgeous boutique hotel. She is a rockstar!
— Joelle Ramos