Editorial Guidelines

We are stoked that you are interested in writing and contributing to Nosara Wellness Guide's editorial content to help our mission to raise consciousness within our beautiful community.

Nosara Wellness Guide is created and written by you for you, and is as relevant and helpful as our local and international community and contributors make it.         


Issue: 2018

Editorial Deadline: January 25, 2018 | Ad Deadline: January 25, 2018

If you are ready to contribute to Nosara Wellness Guide by writing an article, interview or a review, please follow these 3 simple steps.

1. Choose a topic of interest.

For articles

  • LIVE HEALTHY (healthy Nosara lifestyle)
  • NOURISH YOU (recipes featuring local ingredients)
  • CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIPS (everything about family, kids, couples, relationships)
  • SPIRITUAL PRACTICE (wisdom and dharma)
  • ECO TRAVELING (sustainable traveling)
  • GO GREEN (everything for home green living in Nosara)
  • PRACTICE YOGA (everything about yoga, sequences)
  • READ REVIEWS (reviews of places, teachers, and events)

For reviews

  • About Town (reviews of Nosara venues and locales)
  • Events
  • Hotels & Retreats
  • Restaurant & Cafes
  • Teachers and Practitioners
  • Surf Schools
  • Adventures and Excursions
  • Studios & Wellness Centers

2. Read our writer’s guidelines (below) and write your article or review.

  • You can write about whatever interests you - whatever you find yourself passionately sharing, as long as you stay within our selected topics and your article is inspiring, mindful and informative (not advertorial).
  • Make sure your article is between 700 - 1500 words and your review between 500 - 800 words.

3. Submit your article

Submit your article via the form below.

Please submit all photos to us at info@nosarawellnessguide.com and include photographer credit.

You will be notified by email when your article is accepted. You will also be informed, if, for some reason, your article is not published or if we need more information from you.

Thank you for your participation. The Nosara Wellness Guide team and the community look forward to reading your contribution soon!

Questions? Email us at info@nosarawellnessguide.com.

 Review Guidelines  - What we want to read about

1.  The location/ the atmosphere / the décor

2.  The people behind the business (please do a little research for accuracy)

3.  The food/the service/the experience offered

4.  The staff

5.  The uniqueness of the place

6.  Any ethical practices, corporate culture, etc... worth mentioning. 


We want to hear about your personal experience. Here are some suggestions:

1. Inform and inspire without being preachy. 

2. Offer a rich playful narrative, a wealth of detail, and a helpful tip or two for readers. Describe feelings, atmosphere, and the experience. This draws a reader into reading the content.

3. Less is more - keep things as succinct as possible.

4. Use exclamation points sparingly!!!!!!!

5. Keep reviews to 800 words max.

Article Guidelines  - What we want to read about  

What to Write

We strive for uplifting content. We only accept fresh original content that has not yet been published anywhere else online, including your personal blog.

1. We like eloquent, informative, concise and playful content. 

2. Inform, educate, share & inspire without being preachy. 

3. Keep the content effortless, like a communication between friends " this way it’s just genuine and easy going and stay away from an “us” and “them” feeling. 

4. Stay within our categories, above. 

5. Keep your article between 700 and 1500 words.


O To make your article more compelling, ask yourself: 

• Does my submission provide genuine value?

• Does my contribution inspire visitors and locals to find a deeper sense of wellbeing?

What Not to Write

• No advertorial (stories that self-promote) - Keep a journalistic approach. 

• Nosara Wellness Guide promotes a vegetarian and plant-based lifestyle, therefore, avoid articles encouraging the consumption of animal products. 


INTERVIEWING:  Sometimes, you might feel so inspired by some people that you may wish to interview them.

1. Write your questions and send them to us for approval at info@nosarawellnessguide.com.

2. Send the questions to the person (or their PR company) + cc: us at info@nosarawellnessguide.com.

3. Collect the answers and finalize the interview with an introduction and meticulously copy edit the final doc.

4. Upload the interview within the appropriate category and choose the “interview” selection.

5. Send us an email when the interview is ready at at info@nosarawellnessguide.com. We then finalize and publish the interview, which goes under your name as the author.

Ready to participate and contribute? Submit your contribution via the form below.


To all the contributors worldwide, a short note of appreciation.

We are ALWAYS open to hear your suggestions, comments, critiques and ideas on any particular aspect of Nosara Wellness Guide (editorial, marketing, website improvement, flow of work, brand image, etc.) so please, do not ever hesitate to speak up and offer your comments to us.

It is always appreciated and, when possible, we love to see these ideas implemented right away.

Last but not least, know that your participation makes a HUGE difference, we see it first end everyday be the amazing flow of emails coming to us from the community, and we want to deeply thank you for supporting us in offering a growing and improving independent media.

Thank you for sharing the stoke with us.

You can always reach us personally at info@nosarawellnessguide.com.


In gratitude,

Fern Olivia

Founder of Nosara Wellness Guide


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