How should we begin?

  • You write a private message to us describing the main details of the retreat you are manifesting. What kind of practices you want to facilitate? What type of accommodation are you looking for? What dates are you looking at? How many people would you like to bring to this retreat? Any special requests? Do you have a specific Budget?

What is Nosara Wellness Guide in charge of?

  •  We know Nosara very well and we have experience hosting different types of retreats, so our role is to be that local point-person you reach out to for guidance and logistics.

  • We will find the ideal location for your retreat, according to your requests and budget.

  • We can coordinate a customized meal plan for your group, that fits to the different diets.

  • We arrange your transportation during your stay.

  • We can offer you our concierge service for booking the best treatments, therapies, tours and activities in Nosara.

  • We can also help you with Marketing in Nosara.

What am I in charge of?

  • You’re the boss. You would like to host a retreat in Nosara and we coordinate everything to make it happen. You bring your people and design your ideal schedule. We do the backstage magic.

How are payments taken care of?

  • Once we have the perfect location for you, we work with their internal terms and policies for booking. Normally they ask for a 35% deposit to hold your dates, then a 30% deposit 2 months before the retreat and the final 35%, once you arrive to the location.

  • To make it easier for you, we will arrange the meal plan and transportation payments to fit the same 2 final dates of your accommodation deposits.

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