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Introduction to Energetic Lovemaking at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

In this two hour workshop with BiBi, you’ll learn how to understand the role of sex in accessing peak experiences of love, increased bliss, oneness, and healing.

Energetic Lovemaking, also described as Sacred Sexuality or Conscious Sex, allows human beings to use sexuality not only for pleasure and procreation, but also for reaching higher states of consciousness. When two human beings combine meditation, presence, loving energy with erotic energy, a transcendent experience occurs, one that is often profoundly healing, and which can shift your whole perception of reality.

You’ll receive tangible takeaways and clear tips on how to move sexual energy, how to exchange it with your partner and how to deepen intimacy in your life whether you’re single or with a partner. 


You can find more details about Bibi here:

Bibi is co-founder of LoveAcademy, sexual wellness coach, tantra facilitator, and conscious living specialist. Bibi combines creating unique spiritual programming as the Wellness Director at Nomade Hotel in Tulum with her vision of inspiring mindfulness and planting seeds of awareness into her series of talks on the dynamic of energetic lovemaking. Her courses and platform provide unique and direct access to explore tantra, love and spirituality.