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5-day Buena Vibra & Naked Foods Community Cleanse

The Full Body & Soul Cleanse is a unique detox designed to cleanse the buildup of toxins, mucus, heavy metals, gas, parasites, overgrowth of bacteria and fungus in the digestive system from years of stressful living, toxic environments, addictions to sugar, caffeine and alcohol, and consuming unhealthy foods. The accumulation of these toxins has been shown to cause a wide array of adverse effects on the physical and emotional body.

Detoxifying the blood, cleaning the colon and flushing the liver gives the body a chance to reset, improving the function of overall health. This powerful detox creates a metaphysical reaction, purifying emotional and mental blockages and creating space for energy, intuition, and a renewed appreciation and deep connection to the body.

This experience is a natural answer to demystify your body, discover your own healing process, and enjoy the process with delicious organic juices and guided support from Fern Olivia, your experienced Cleanse Director to sustain a lifestyle that supports your health.

When you join us, you may experience:

  • Loss of toxic weight

  • More high vibe energy, less fatigue

  • A renewed body that feels amazing to live in

  • Fewer cravings for foods that wreak havoc, and more cravings for the food that is fueling your body

  • Better sleep at night and a vibrant, refreshing morning energy

  • A decrease in inflammation and unwanted belly bloat

  • An increase in mental clarity and intuitive knowing

  • A deep connection to your inner healer and alignment with your soul’s purpose

  • An entirely new you beaming with health and radiance

Cleanse includes:
• 5 days of juice & pipa (coconut water) with freshly pressed, 100% organic vegetable and fruit juices daily including a high vitamin C juice, a green juice, coconut water and other highly nutritious, detoxifying juices from Naked Foods
• Your personal, new enema kit for daily enema sessions in the privacy of your own home, with instructions and guide

• Probiotics designed to restore your gut health by repopulating the microbiome with beneficial bacteria, 10 billion live cultures


• Two 30-minute pre-cleanse and post-cleanse consult sessions with Fern Olivia, Cleanse Director, Certified Integrative Health Practitioner discussing personal health concerns, symptoms & taking a holistic, in-depth look at each one’s health needs and habits

• Comprehensive Cleanse Guide with pre-cleanse recommendations, information and support for your entire cleanse and post-cleanse success

Your investment:

$100/day for 5 days