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AKNANDA Qi Gong Foundation Course (20HRS + Certificate)

La Negra is pleased to offer courses in traditional Taoist healing arts presented by Aknanda Healing Arts once per month in December, January and February 2018–19.  We at La Negra Surf Hotel have realized that qi gong is a natural compliment to surfing, providing significantly more energy, balance, focus and spiritual presence in the ocean.  The following courses are open to the public and La Negra Surf Hotel guests.  

Bringing together the ancient knowledge from oriental arts.  Aknanda Healing Arts designed this course to convey Qigong foundations and awaken in everyone the power of Qi flow. The essence is the cultivation of Qi (life force energy ) and teaching techniques that generate healthy physical, emotional and spiritual conditions. This practice will help you find your center power (Dantien) and achieve body mind connection. You will stretch and strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments with a special focus on breath and developing healthy movement patterns that allow better body alignment. This course is a balanced combination of poses, movements and meditation that will bring you physical health and inner peace, empowerment and awareness. A journey to the deeper layers of the body. All levels are welcome.


What we ´ll cover

  • Warm Up exercises

  • Seven 7 Statics Medical Qi Gong Forms (Body Alignment, Inner Structure, Balance & Health)

  • Zhang Zhuan Practices (Qi Gong Postures for strength your Qi Energy life force)

  • Legs Qi Gong series (Strength hips, knees, legs, uncles, Core, & hole body Balance)

  • Qi Gong Steps with  Palms ( Coordination & powerful intention)

  • Dynamic Water Qigong Movements / Internal Organ Qi Gong  (5 Exercise of power Qi Gong Flow)

  • Complete primordial Water form for daily practice (Put the pieces together)

  • Buddhism / Diaphragm Breathing (For longevity, anxiety, stress)

  • 5 Main Branches of Qigong + 4 pillars of Aknanda Qigong

  • 4 Gates breathing

  • Qi Gong Theory

  • Yin Yang Theory

  • Metal Meditation

Bonus: Access for Online Introduction Course for 3 Month


20hrs the complete Course. 5 hrs of training per day . Schedule: Start 10:00am to 12:30pm ( After breakfast & Surfing session) / Lunch Break  / 14:00pm to 4:30pm

Earlier Event: December 12
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