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5 ANIMALS Qi Gong Course (20HRS + Certificate)

La Negra is pleased to offer courses in traditional Taoist healing arts presented by Aknanda Healing Arts once per month in December, January and February 2018–19.  We at La Negra Surf Hotel have realized that qi gong is a natural compliment to surfing, providing significantly more energy, balance, focus and spiritual presence in the ocean.  The following courses are open to the public and La Negra Surf Hotel guests.  

Discover a powerful Taoist Qigong form that comes from deep in the mountains of China. Five Animals Aknanda Qigong gets deep into the body; this dynamic form combines rhythmic movement of the five animals, breathing techniques and a strong focused spirit.  Each animal form works to heal and bring into balance the internal organs and the meridians of the body.  Each animal represents a different element of the five columns of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We will move mindfully from one pose to another with elegance, animals steps and a powerful flow. This practice will work to squeeze out toxins and emotions from the organs. You will feel peaceful, energized and focused opening the pathways of vitality and human potential. All levels are welcome.

What we ´ll cover

  • Warm Up Exercises / Meridian Qigong Openers

  • Zhang Zhuan Practices (Static Qi Gong Foundation)

  • 5 Animals Wudang Form (Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Snake, Crane)

  • 5 Animals Dynamic Steps

  • 5 Elements & Meridians Theory  water, wood, fire, earth and metal)

  • 5 Main Branches of Qigong + 4 pillars of Aknanda Qigong

  • Buddhism / Diaphragm Breathing

  • 4 Gates breathing

  • Qi Gong Theory

  • Yin Yang Theory

  • Metal Meditation

Bonus: Access for Online Introduction Course for 3 Month

PRICE: $400 USD x pax. (MAX 5 PAX - At least 2 PAX)


20hrs the complete Course. 5 hrs of training per day . Preliminary Schedule: Start 10:00am to 12:30pm (After breakfast & Surfing session) / Lunch Break  / 14:00pm to 4:30pm