5 Cool & healthy restaurants in Nosara

When coming to Nosara, there are places that nobody should miss. Let’s talk about spots where you can taste the best food and enjoy a cool vibe. If you are vegetarian check out our post about 6 top vegetarian & vegan restaurants in Nosara. This post covers other incredible restaurants that offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Shall we begin?

1. La Luna

Anybody who has been to Nosara will rave about La Luna and we guarantee they’re not over rating it. This place is legendary! Located right in front of Playa Pelada with the most stunning ocean view you’ll find in Nosara. Their food and architecture design is Mediterranean style, so the menu includes vegan options like hummus, baba ganoush, couscous and falafel amongst others, as well as salads, fish, meat and amazing brick oven pizzas. It doesn’t matter if you go for brunch, lunch, sunset or dinner, the experience will be unforgettable.


2. Lagarta Lodge Restaurant

Talking about restaurants with a view, we can’t skip Lagarta Lodge. This is a beautiful hotel close to Playa Pelada and driving 10 minutes up the hill. Lagarta Lodge is on top of the biological reserve of La Boca de Nosara, so from the restaurant you can see Nosara River, the jungle and the ocean, all at the same time. The best moment to be there is during the sunset, when you’ll witness a miracle as the golden light covers the horizon and the most breathtaking cloudscape covers the sky. The food is really delicious too; so make sure to enjoy this experience with some yummy appetizers and a cocktail.


3. Olivia’s

4 words: Best pizza in town! Olivia’s is a local entrepreneur craft beer and pizza restaurant in the heart of North Guiones. You’ll find it right next to the mini super, in a black container open-air structure. The place has a really cool vibe, as it’s surrounded by other small local shops and restaurants owned by young local people. At Olivia’s you can enjoy a light crunchy pizza topped with a variety of premium ingredients such as prosciutto, goat cheese and other wild and less expected ones like palm hearts and peach-palm. Hint: They offer gluten-free pizzas so there are options for everybody!


4. La Peruana

Right next to Olivia’s you’ll find La Peruana, an exquisite Peruvian food restaurant. Their Ají de Gallina is famous in town, as well as their shrimp, chicken and vegetarian Causa Limeña. They source their fish and seafood from local fishermen, which makes their food fresh and sustainable. This is a great place for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Oh, and try their noodles! Best eveer!


5. Cascada

Last but not least - on our list ;) Cascada is a Juice Bar/ restaurant in the Bodhi Village. They have the best treats for before and after yoga: Matcha latte, Kefir, Kombucha, coffee, tea, smoothies, bowls; you name it! For lunch they also have salads, soups, wraps and an impressive selection of traditional Curry from different countries, which they change every week! These can be vegetarian or include options like chicken and shrimp.


Are you ready to travel and eat Nosara?