6 Top Boutiques to dress like a local in Nosara

Nosara is such a particular and special place that it’s only expected to have its own fashion. If we were to verbally describe it, we would say easy, light and flowy, influenced by a yogi-bohemian style. Classy and casual at the same time, women here dress like goddesses, as the weather allows you to show as much skin as you desire and there are no restrictions about what you can wear except being fresh and comfortable. Sounds like a dream? Well it is, here you can get unique pieces of fashion that will perfectly fit to your body, oh and say good-bye to your stiff painful bra! Trust us, you won’t need it. ;)

1) Bazzar Boutiques

Let’s begin with one of the most iconic fashion boutiques in Nosara. Bazzar has been here for over 10 years. Owner and designer Gonca Gul creates breathtaking one-size dresses that fit amazingly on literally any-body.  Women from all around the world, including celebrities are expecting her new collection every year and come all the way to Nosara to buy her goddess pieces. There are two of these boutiques in Guiones, one in front of the Harmony Hotel and the other one at La Casa lounge. They each offer different dresses and other carefully curated accessories. Gonca’s dresses are exclusively available in Nosara, as well as her Ula collection, a yoga-lounge line inspired by The 5 Rythms©. When you visit Bazzar stores we guarantee a multisensorial experience!

2) Nosara Man


Also created by Gonca, inside La Casa Lounge, you’ll find this exciting men’s store. Men here enjoy shopping just as much as women do, because they can find fun and glamourous pieces such as pants, t-shirts, formal and semi-formal shirts, made with the softest and lightest fabrics you can imagine. There are also funky accessories here: Leather jackets, oxidized silver necklaces, scarfs, hats, rings and other treasures.


3) Love Nosara


On your way to the main entrance of Guiones beach, you’ll find a beautiful open-air wood structure and a boutique inside. Love Nosara, created by the Costa Rican designer Susana Brown, is a recognized brand in town of clothes and accessories for both men and women. The best part is that you can find stunning dresses, pants and tops, as well as small gifts to take back home as souvenirs for your friends and family.


4) Nativa Gallery


Born in 2005, Nativa is the place to find Jenstones exquisite handmade jewelry. Most of her pieces are ocean inspired and combine materials like silver with a variety of powerful natural stones, shells and crystals. If you want to feel like a real mermaid, check out this gallery in the heart of Guiones, which curates some of the best art, photography and clothes, made by local designers in Nosara.



5) La Negra Shop


Arc Vagabond by Angela Dimoff, A New York-Spanish designer known by her cool-edgy taste and style. Her secret beach boutique is located at La Negra Hotel in North Guiones and offers a selection of sexy and unique pieces. Here you can find swim wear, lingerie, bags, jewelry and a series of handpicked beach accessories from her adventures around the world.

6) Sparrow Rose Co

Sparrow is not a boutique, but a very talented designer in our community of Playa Guiones. She sources high quality fabrics to create natural apparel in harmony with the earth. All of her fashion pieces for both men and women are delicately hand made by her. You’ll love her dresses as they are perfect for festivals and beach life.

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