About Us

Nosara Wellness Guide is a beautifully curated resource connecting visitors, locals, healers, surf, yoga and fitness instructors, small business owners, retreat properties, and global community together through print and online magazine content.

We provide a comprehensive guide to visitors who desire a curated wellness experience while vacationing in Nosara. 

Our annual edition will be available as a complimentary magazine offered in wellness centers, spas, retail, yoga, surf shops and resort locations around Nosara in early March 2018. It also will be available online in February 2018 at www.nosarawellnessguide.com

Our annual Nosara Wellness Guide features ads by healers, surf, yoga and fitness instructors, small business owners, and retreat properties who would love their services to be showcased globally.

Our magazine will also feature enlightening editorial by community members and visitors, local services and recommendations, reviews, and inspiration by healers and wellness tribe who would love their work to be showcased globally.

We also publish ongoing editorial online content in our blog beginning in April 2018.

In addition to our online and print publication, we provide marketing, social media, press, brand partnership and web design services to local wellness businesses. 

Small business owners, wellness entrepreneurs, surf instructors, all who work to keep Nosara vibrantly healthy, you are being called to reveal yourself, to express yourself.

Visitors and those who choose to make Nosara a lifelong home, we are excited to give you the inside look at one of the world's most coveted Blue Zones.




Issue: 2018

Print Editorial Deadline: January 25, 2018 | Print Ad Deadline: January 25, 2018